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Admission application forms, employment application forms, consultation forms, policies, students handbooks, and all other documentations of Advanced Professional College (APC) and its partners can be found at this web page.

Document Description
Where to Download From
Admission Application Form (Form A1)Click Here Please
Online ACCA CBE Registration Form (Form A2)Please click here to complete the online form.
Student Project Supervision Form (Form A3)Click Here Please
Accommodation Booking Form (Form A4)Click Here Please
Employment Application Form (Lecturers, Form A5)Click Here Please
Employment Application Form (General Staff, Form A6)Click Here Please
Course & Lecturer Evaluation Form (Form B1)Click Here Please
Employment Interview Questionnaire (Form B3)Not Available Online
Book Ordering Form (Form E1)Click Here Please
Reference/Testimonial Request Form (Form E2)Click Here Please
Oral Presentation Evaluation Form (Form B4)Click Here Please
Students HandbookClick Here Please

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